Some Guy Just Made A Playable Record Out Of A Tortilla

Guy Makes Playable Record Out Of A Tortilla

Inspired by a viral YouTube video showing a tortilla “playing” the song “Jarabe Tapatio” (it wasn’t actually playing anything, only the fool), Redditor UpgradeTech decided to create a real, playable record out of the delicious flatbread.

“I thought I could do that video one better,” UpgradeTech wrote on Reddit. “I was already familiar with laser cutting records at 78 rpm on acrylic for use in gramophones … I decided to see if I could make it work on an actual tortilla.”

UpgradeTech used a laser cutter to embed grooves into the tortilla. He noted that “uncooked ones seem to work the best since they are the flattest.” As this video shows, he was successful in his attempt.

The tortilla apparently plays “Jarabe Tapatio” (also known as “The Mexican Hat Dance”). It's still a tortilla, though, so don't expect much in terms of sound quality.

UpgradeTech also uploaded step-by-step instructions for creating a tortilla record. Click here to find out how to make one of your own.

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