Impromptu Tortoise Sex Is The Real Star Of New York Fashion Week

Get it.

What do you have planned this Valentine’s Day -- dinner, some lame flowers, sub-par chocolate? What about totally stealing the show during New York Fashion Week with an expression of your love?

Sorry, these tortoises have already been there, done that, bought the shell shirt.

#MathieuMirano was inspired while in the Egyptian desert. This is our favorite gown #nyfw

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The two African tortoises that were inexplicably part of a desert-themed show by designer Mathieu Mirano on Thursday just couldn’t wait until they got backstage to start having sex, Page Six reports.

The show’s other star, of course, is this model who tried, in vain, to keep a straight face throughout this reptile Romeo’s amorous pursuit.

Really, it would be incredibly difficult not to laugh, given the sounds that tortoises apparently make when mating. She’s just lucky she didn’t try to interrupt.

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