Torz Reynolds Slices Off Tattoo Of Ex-Boyfriend's Name, Mails Skin To Him (GRAPHIC PHOTO)

Woman Slices Off Tattoo Of Ex's Name, Mails Bloody Skin To Him (GRAPHIC PHOTO)

Sometimes just un-friending someone doesn't cut it.

When 26-year-old Englishwoman Torz Reynolds learned her boyfriend of two years was cheating on her, she decided she needed to remove her tattoo.

With a scalpel.

And then send the skin to him.

Reynolds, of Colchester, Essex, told the Daily Star this week that 24-year-old Stuart "Chopper" May claimed he was moving to Alaska to pursue a new job, but it turned out he was just at his home in Tiptree, Essex, shacking up with a new lady. Reynolds reacted by using a scalpel to remove the entire section of skin where the words "Chopper's Bitch" were tattooed.


According to the Daily Mail, she numbed the area with Vasocaine spray before slicing a rectangle around the area, then using tweezers to peel it off.

She posted an image of the bloody result to Facebook in December. When a friend called the act "crazy," she replied, "Crazy was getting his name tattooed in the first place. . . cutting it out was just necessary! ;-P"

She then conceded that she may end up getting someone else's name tattooed on her body, because "Its not lyk there permanent! Haha! [sic]"

Reynolds didn't let the severed skin go to waste, though. She packaged the skin chunk in a jar and mailed it to Mays, complete with a bow on top, according to the Daily Mail.

"Posting the tattoo to Chopper sent a clear message," she told the Daily Star. "Now he knows never to mess with me again."

A Facebook post from March 2012 indicates that she dealt with the tattooed name of a different lover in a similar fashion.

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