Daniel Tosh Wants You To Inappropriately Touch Women's Stomachs (VIDEO)

WATCH: Daniel Tosh Wants Viewers To Grope Women

Remember "Tosh.0" –- the Comedy Central show hosted by Daniel Tosh, who offers insightful nuggets of wisdom on the viral videos of the week?

Yeah, neither do we.

The crude commentary show, much in the style of "The Soup" with an extra dash of misogyny thrown in, may have finally gone too far. On a recent episode, Tosh introduced a new segment of the show called "lightly touching women’s stomachs while they’re sitting down."

"This is where you sneak up behind women who are sitting and lightly put your hand upon their stomach," Tosh explains. "Make sure she's aware that you are in fact feeling a roll."

After showing some behind-the-scenes footage of himself inappropriately touching unsuspecting women, Tosh invited the viewers at home to play and upload videos as proof. Yes, some viewers actually followed suit and recorded themselves touching women’s stomachs. All of the Youtube uploads are from men. Shocking, right?

Not surprisingly, Tosh.0 does very well among the male, 18 to 34, crowd. Airing on Tuesdays at 10 p.m., it currently holds the No.1 cable show spot among adults 18 to 49 for the evening.

The show's fourth, and current, season premiere in February brought in 3.1 million viewers -- a drop from last year’s opener at 3.6 million. However, this year ranked as the highest season premiere among men 18 to 24.

With numbers like that, it's obvious that Tosh has a faithful following, albeit a male-dominated one that enjoys Tosh’s sexist jokes that belittle all women.

Okay, Tosh. We understand you have an audience to please, but once your antics enter into the realm of sexual harassment it's probably time to take a step back and reevaluate what you put on the Internet.

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