Totally Accurate Video Sums Up 'The Real Deal Of Parenting'

Unending piles of laundry, toddlers making toilet paper messes, much-needed coffee refills, and more!

A new video from mom of four and HuffPost blogger Regan Long is showing parenthood in all its messy, chaotic glory.

Titled "The Real Deal of Parenting," the video depicts some of the activities and phenomenons that people with little kids know all too well.

Like chasing tiny people around:

Only ever finding single socks:

Dealing with unending piles of laundry:

Discovering toddlers with toilet paper:

Much-needed coffee refills:

All of the Band-Aids:

And utter exhaustion:

As Long writes in the caption, "If this doesn't sum up 'a day in the life of' a parent, well ... I don't know what does."

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