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19 Totally Laughable Things Couples Have Actually Fought About

Unsurprisingly, many involve food.

When sharing a life with another human being, arguments inevitably arise. Some are integral to the growth of the relationship and others are totally inane.

We recently asked HuffPost readers to cop to the most embarrassing fights they've had with a significant other. Read on to find out what these couples have beefed about:

1. "What we would name our dog, if we ever happen to get a dog, when having absolutely no intention of ever getting a dog." - Alicia D.

2. "Putting our identical toothbrushes together, not knowing which is which." - Martin M.

3. "He always wants to eat the vegetables I'm chopping for dinner. So he'll stealthily sneak up and grab a potato or a piece of broccoli before I can nab it back. One day I caught his hand with a piece of broccoli in it. We fought and it fell on the floor so I picked it up and threw it at him." - Jessie C.

4. "Where to eat at Disneyland. It was a serious fight. We were mad at each other for like two hours over it." - Alesia K.

5. "Cups. He pours himself a glass of water or juice and if he walks away from it for a minute, he'll get himself another glass. By the end of the night, there are half-full glasses of drinks randomly placed throughout the house. Drives me bananas." - Mary A.

6. "Who is a better singer: Karen Carpenter or Barbra Streisand?" - Garry T.

7. "I was agreeing with my husband about something, but said it in 'a tone and volume' that made him think we were a having an argument. So he got loud and defensive. Took a few minutes for us to figure out we weren't fighting." - April R.

8. "It was really about communication and money but turned into an argument about a $3 jar of relish." - Maegen B

9. "Eating too many of my Doritos. I said he could have some and apparently three was too many for me that day." - Danielle F.

10. "When he uses my coffee cup. I am not a morning person -- don't touch my mug!" - John S.

11. "What radio station were we listening to during a road trip. Past tense. As in we argued because I insisted we had listened to one station and he thought it had been another. Why did it even matter? I don't know." - Jennifer K.

12. "Phone and iPad chargers are the WORST. When we met, we each had two of our own. Now magically, he owns one of each and I own none." - Gracey C.

13. "Toilet paper. Specifically, if the sheet's suppose to roll over the top versus below." - Joel A.

14. "We had an argument because apparently I wasn't giving the poor guy enough cuddles." - Rosalie P.

15. "How to pronounce 'salmon.' I say sam-mon, he says SAL-mon. Ugh." - April K.

16. "When I was pregnant I had horrible morning sickness and was miserable. One afternoon I was craving an egg salad sandwich and asked my husband to make me a batch. I told him not to put paprika in it. He didn't listen, and stubbornly added a sprinkle of paprika thinking I wouldn't notice. I instantly noticed and sobbed asking, 'Why are you doing this to me? Are you trying to hurt me on purpose?'" - Erica M.

17. "He was monopolizing all of the game pieces while playing Monopoly." - Jennifer K.

18. "Lights! It's been an ongoing battle for 10 years. I like the lights on and he turns all of them off until it's a cave in our house." - Kelli J.

19. "A debate about how scrambled eggs have to be in order for them to be considered scrambled." - Holly N.

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