Totchos Recipes Combine The Majesty Of Tater Tots And Nachos

Tater tots + nachos = football snack heaven.

We've talked to you about totchos before, but today, we're diving even deeper. It turns out that when you search for "totchos recipes," a few people are really pulling most of our weight. Totchos, the blessed combination of tater tots and nachos, are pretty much exactly how you'd expect them to be, only a little more delicious. But we want some innovation.

We have a pretty liberal definition of nachos around here. Basically anything that involves topping tortilla chips with cheese and other things will fly. We'd like the totchos community to rally around that same idea. Cheese, beans, guacamole, jalapeños -- these are all perfectly delicious totchos toppings, but we know the internet has more in store for us. We've pulled together some of the best totcho ideas you guys have come up with so far. Keep us apprised of new ones. It's football season. We've got totchos recipes to make.

Totchos Supreme
Girl Cooks World
Tater Tot And Bratwurst Totcho Casserole
Shawn Syphus
Breakfast Totchos
The Little Kitchen
Chili Cheese Totchos Casserole
Love Bakes Good Cakes
Classic Totchos
Someone Left The Cake Out In The Rain
Loaded Totchos
Terri's Table
Mexi Fry Totchos
Whatcha Makin' Now?
How To Assemble Totchos
Vimeo: Spoon University
It's not rocket science, but sometimes a visual helps to inspire you.

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