'Totes McGoats' is the New Bah-h-h-dass Face of Recycling

Bless your little bleating heart, Totes.

Meet the goat on a mission to change the way we recycle and therefore the world:

He's the new "kid friendly" mascot for the Niagara Falls Solid Waste Education & Enforcement Team. His goal? To inspire our nation's youths to get excited about recycling.

"I guess you would say Totes is a cute animal mascot, kind of scary actually. But having an animal mascot we think is one of the ways that you can reach out to kids and get their attention," Niagara Falls Mayor Paul Dyster told Buffalo News.

Here's Totes in all his glory, with a spokesperson and the Mayor himself:

This bahhhhdass goat even has his own twitter account.

And he's trending, baby.

Bless your little bleating heart, Totes. Show the kids how it's done.

Smokey the Bear? You're toast. Woodsy Owl? We don't give a hoot.

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