Chilling New Footage Shows Police Officer Ignoring Pleas To Help George Floyd

Officer Tou Thao does not respond or react to a group of people demanding that he help George Floyd, who was later pronounced dead.

New footage released by the attorney for the family of George Floyd shows one of the officers on the scene ignoring pleas from bystanders asking him to intervene.

“He’s not fucking moving,” one of several bystanders told then-Minneapolis police officer Tou Thao as then-officer Derek Chauvin pressed his knee into Floyd’s neck.

The footage posted by Ben Crump showed Thao ignoring repeated calls from bystanders to intervene and help Floyd, to check his pulse and to stop the assault. Thao does not.

“You just killed that man,” someone yelled at the officer.

The video, which is graphic, was posted to Crump’s Instagram account here.

Floyd was later pronounced dead, triggering weeks of civil unrest and Black Lives Matter demonstrations around the nation as protesters demanded police reform.

Minneapolis has a “duty to intervene” law on the books requiring officers to take action to stop the inappropriate use of force. Since the slaying, Chauvin, Thao and two other officers have been fired and are all facing criminal charges.

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