Touch Me On My Studio

Few things in politics are funny, and when it comes to racial politics, even less so. But last night something happened on South African television screens that has changed the landscape, I think, for the better. If ever there was a way for politics to er, get fresh, this was it. Young people in SA are really turned off by the current political climate, and find it so stale and polemicized, so this was a juicy way to get their attention. Many young people are calling on their creativity and adding more wood to the fire that is "Touch Me on My Studio." Facebook updates range from "Dont you dare touch me on my studio!" to "Well touch me on my studio then just walk away!"

The host of a news programme called Africa 360, on a 24 hour news channel broadcast in South Africa and throughout Africa by satellite television, inadvertently became the creator of this year's best new catchphrase when he hosted a show with guests Andre Visagie and Lebohang Pheko. Visagie is a leader of the AWB, a right-wing, white supremacist group in South Africa. Pheko is a political analyst.

The broadcast has already spawned musical versions which range from the robotic to the romantic.

This just in..another rendition was just created. And I'm guessing there's more where that came from. I'm waiting for the big guns of SA music to add to this latest craze. Now that's fresh!