12 Heartfelt Ways To Include Lost Loved Ones In Your Wedding Day

12 Heartfelt Ways To Include Lost Loved Ones In Your Wedding Day

Nothing compares to physically having all of your loved ones by your side on your wedding day. But by honoring deceased relatives and friends in a way that feels true to your relationship, it allows those people to be there in spirit.

Below are 12 sentimental ways to include them in your celebration.

1. Set up a photo display with a special message at the reception
2. Wrap the bouquets in ties he once wore
3. Sew a cherished photo of that person into your wedding gown
...Or a handwritten note that you've held onto
4. Cut a piece out of a man's dress shirt and make it your 'something blue'
5. Hang tiny picture frame charms from your bridal bouquet
...Or choose a single photo
6. Create a simple bracelet using a loved one's wedding band
7. Carry a family heirloom, like this prayer book, with you down the aisle
8. Wipe your happy tears with a loved one's handkerchief
9. Make a charitable donation in that person's name, in lieu of a wedding favor
...It's more meaningful than any small favor you could give
10. Wear a loved one's wedding ring in addition to your own
11. Reserve a seat for someone who couldn't be there with a single flower
...Or save a place for them with one of their prized possessions
12. Hold a framed photo of that person during the ceremony

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