Tough Guy Grandpa Just Can't Keep It Together When He Meets Grandson


Even “tough guys” can’t resist a baby’s chubby cheeks and adorable coos. A Dublin grandpa received the surprise of a lifetime ― one that brought him to tears ― when he received an unexpected visit from his new grandson.

Paul Dunwoody was at work at a Dublin, Ireland bar when he looked up to see his daughter and grandson ― both of whom were supposed to be in Australia. Dunwoody’s daughter, Elaine, gave birth to her son Nathan just three months ago in Australia and thought she wouldn’t be able to come to Ireland due to issues getting the infant a passport.

But she was able to manage the trip after all and the emotional first-time meeting. As soon as he sees them, grandpa scooped up the little one in his arms and showered him with kisses.

“I’ve never seen my dad cry, he’s usually as hard as nails,” Elaine told the Irish Mirror. 

See his reaction for yourself in the video above. Too sweet. 



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