Queer Web Series Tackles Gay Social Hierarchy And Newfound Love

"This is probably our most self deprecating episode ever."

In this week's episode of "Tough Love," things get awkward and a few familiar faces show up.

Steven Bell's character is forced to hang out with some #whitegays (including one played by Noam Ash of the "My Gay Roommate" web series) and attempts to navigate a particular kind of gay male hierarchy but the results aren't pretty. 

Meanwhile, Blaire Wendel's character makes a very queer transition in her realm of desire and finds herself attracted to -- and making out -- with a male-identified person.

“This week Steven and Blaire plan a small picnic in the park, but it gets crashed by a group of very cool Astoria gays," Bell told The Huffington Post. "This is probably our most self deprecating episode ever, especially for the character Steven. Steven gets drunk to ease his social awkwardness, but things turn sour for him.”

Check out episode five, titled "Picnic," above. Missed the previous episodes of this season of "Tough Love"? Head here.



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