This Web Series Is Blossoming Into Spring With Young Queer Romance

The latest episode of the "Tough Love" series.

"Tough Love" continues to chug along through its third season and the queer web series' fourth episode of the season, "Gifts," highlights a bit more sentimentality than we've seen before.

"Tough Love" follows the experiences of two characters played by comedic duo Steven Bell and Blaire Wendel. The pair are navigating their mid-twenties as queer people in New York City, working their ways through both their anxieties and the nuances of forming meaningful relationships. 

“In real life I can be a bit of a control freak. I like things to be planned," Bell told The Huffington Post. "When I was in college a group of my friends grabbed me and threw me in a car and started driving for 45 minutes without telling me where we were going. They thought it was the funniest joke ever, but it literally triggered a straight up panic attack for me. In this episode, I got the chance to poke fun of that part of myself."

Check out "Gifts" above. Missed the previous episodes of "Tough Love"? Head here.



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