What Happens When The Tech Repair Store Finds Gay Porn On Your Laptop?

The latest episode of "Tough Love."

It's that time of the week again -- the latest episode of queer web series "Tough Love" is now available for streaming.

In this third episode, "Shame," directed by Gabe Gonzalez, stars Blaire Wendel and Steven Bell are comedically humanized in a way we haven't yet seen before in this series. Bell goes through a series of humiliating events trying to get his Macbook repaired, while Wendel has a brush with "mean girl" culture while trying to get into shape.

“This episode is all about that anxiety you feel when your computer is about an inch from death and you’re just hoping, praying that it doesn’t die on you --especially since you’ve got about 300 of the raunchiest gay porn videos the internet has to offer taking up most of your hard drive. Or maybe that’s just me..." Bell joked with The Huffington Post. "What would it feel like if your computer died WHILE you were watching porn, and you had to take it in to get it fixed? That’s what this episode is all about... This episode is called 'Shame.' It’s one of my favorites of the season. We get to see both Steven and Blaire in very humiliating circumstances and I would say this is our most character defining episode yet.” 

Check out episode three above. Missed the previous episodes? Head here.



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