'Tough Love' Launches Final Episode, Turns To Kickstarter To Save It

One of our favorite queer web series of 2014 may soon meet its end, unless it can raise the funds to keep us cracking up for another season.

Popular YouTube web series "Tough Love" took the model of two best friends living in New York City and made them gay -- putting a twist what it's like to be young, broke, queer and trying to make it in the Big Apple today.

Stars Steven Bell and Blaire Wendel are now engaged in a Kickstarter campaign in order to keep bringing us "Tough Love," and the pair are only eight days away from the campaign's end.

In conjunction with the Kickstarter, "Tough Love" has released what could potentially be their final episode -- unless the funding comes through. Called "The Sleepover," it focuses on the dyanmics of gay men and straight women, as well as the crumbling relationship of Wendel's character.

"I think the inspiration for this episode came from my early days of discovering I was gay," Bell told The Huffington Post. "There was a period where I knew I was gay, but I told myself that I couldn't be 100 percent sure unless I had been with a woman. I've had a few female friends who would have been totally down to 'experiment' with me, but I just couldn't bring myself to do it. Women have never interested me sexually. There's just nothing there. So, it was really exciting to write an episode where I got to explore all that."

Head here to find out how you can help save "Tough Love" and here to see more episodes from the series.

Bell wants to give special thanks to Eternal Summers and Terrorbird Media for letting his team use their song "I Love You." Check out Eternal Summers out here.