Change Is In The Air For 'Tough Love' Queer Web Series

The series' third season is coming to a close.

Things are coming to a close for this season of queer web series "Tough Love" -- and it looks like we can expect significant change in the lives of our protagonists next season.

We've been covering "Tough Love" for quite some time, largely because we think the tone and message of the series is relatable for many queer people and it adeptly captures the social awkwardness and insecurity many queer people experience while navigating their early 20s in an urban setting.

Starring Steven Bell and Blair Wendel, this latest episode, above, marks the conclusion of the third season -- and a long journey for the pair.

“This week’s episode has a different tone from the rest of the season," Bell told The Huffington Post. "Things get a little more serious. Blaire and I have been making this show for three years now. Our friendship has changed so much and there’s a certain sadness there. There’s a nostalgia for the days when we were still living together during our first year in NYC, terrified of leaving our apartment. We had to stick together to get through it. Now we’re both super independent and in our own relationships living in separate apartments. It’s very adult and official. We’re still besties, but things have definitely changed after all this time.”

Check out the season finale of "Tough Love" above. Missed the previous episodes? Head here and be sure to keep your eyes peeled for more from Bell and Wendel in the future. 



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