This Quirky And Adorable Web Series Offers An Honest Look At Queer Life

"Tough Love" is self depreciating humor at its finest.

We love self-deprecating humor and, lucky for us, the queer web series "Tough Love" certainly delivers.

A year and a half ago "Tough Love," starring Steven Bell and Blaire Wendel, turned to Kickstarter in hopes of seeing the series continue and now -- hallelujah! -- its third season is finally here.

When asked what viewers can expect from this season of "Tough Love," Bell told The Huffignton Post: “Vomit. Lots of vomit. We’re also sweaty people so you can look forward to that. I wish that was a joke I just made, but sadly, no, we’re sweaty.”

Bell added that, aside from being hilarious, season three will also keep things very real:

“Blaire and I, we’re not exactly Instagram’s sexiest gay people. We’re overweight, our fashion sense is lame, and we’re not going to inspire you with awesome fitness tips. Season three of 'Tough Love' is for all the average gay people out there with body issues, insecurities and lots of anxiety. I feel like gay narratives over the past 15 years have given audiences an 'ideal' portrayal of what gay life 'should' look like. I remember being a kid watching 'Queer as Folk' and dreaming of my sexy gay life as an adult in the big city. Fast forward ten years later and here I am, and I’ll tell you, my big city gay life ain't so sexy my friend. I haven’t seen many queer stories like this out there, so I decided to make one happen.” 

Check out the first episode above or head here to catch up on first two seasons of "Tough Love."

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