Things Get Steamy (And Sad) In This New Episode Of 'Tough Love'

“This week’s episode is definitely our most intimate (and sexy) yet."

Have you been keeping up with "Tough Love"?

The adorable and hilarious web series premiered its third season last week and now co-creators and stars Steven Bell and Blaire Wendel are back with another episode. In this one, Bell's character explores his romantic life while navigating a host of insecurities about his body. Meanwhile, Wendel's character continues to spiral in the aftermath of her now-ended relationship.

“This week’s episode is definitely our most intimate (and sexy) yet," Bell told The Huffington Post. "There’s this scene where Marco takes Steven back to his apartment for some 'dessert' and it gets kind of steamy for a second. Marco is played by actor Constantin Tripes and this guy, he just exudes confidence. I remember when he walked into the audition room. We all just knew that he was going to play the role. Let’s just say the bedroom scene was way more awkward for me than it was for Constantin. He’s a natural."

Check out the new episode of "Tough Love" above. Missed the season three premiere last week? Watch it below or head here.