'Tough Love,' Queer Web Series, Engaged In New Kickstarter Campaign

"Tough Love," one of our favorite queer web series from 2014, has spent the better part of this year cracking us up and presenting a different framework of what it means to be young, broke, queer and trying to make it in New York City.

Now, stars Steven Bell and Blaire Wendel have launched a a Kickstarter campaign in order to continue producing this hilarious web series.

"Gay characters in mainstream television are usually portrayed as one dimensional stereotypes, a half-assed attempt by networks to incorporate diversity into their programming," the pair note on their Kickstarter. "Gay people are as complex and varied as any other human beings, and we wanted to make a show to demonstrate that."

Check out the video above to learn more and head here to visit the "Tough Love" Kickstarter.

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