Tough Questions You Should Ask Any Potential Roommate

Use this guide to raise every red flag out there. Your cat poster will thank you later.
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Choosing a roommate is one of the most important decisions you can make regarding your living situation, outside of where to display that framed poster of that cat struggling to hang in there. To help you make sure you don't let a person move in who you won't get along with, we've come up with a definitive list of tough questions to ask any potential roommate. Use it to raise every red flag out there. Your cat poster will thank you later.

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1. Do you go out on the weekends?

2. If yes, around what time do you come home?

3. Would you be willing to bring me back an extra slice of pizza on your way home from the bar?

4. Do you consider yourself a judgmental person?

5. Like, what if you came home and saw me eating five Hot Pockets? What would your reaction be if I said it was my dinner basically every night?

6. How do you feel about doing chores?

7. Will you leave passive aggressive notes for me if I don't do the dishes one night? What if I never do the dishes ever or generally clean up after myself?

8. What do you think of Justin Bieber?

9. What would you think of me if I told you his new album is kind of not horrible, especially that song with Big Sean?

10. Are you OK with my friends coming over?

11. What if most of them are horrible people who will eat our food and drink our booze, and then leave the place a mess?

12. Are you religious?

13. If you claim to be "spiritual, but not religious," can you at least admit that sounds a little ridiculous?

14. Will you split the cable bill with me?

15. Are you cool with my shows occupying upwards of 75% of the DVR?

16. Will you split the Internet bill with me?

17. If not, are you fine with teaming up with me to hack into our neighbor's Wi-Fi?

18. Will you pay my automobills?

19. Did you understand that reference, and will you laugh at every super-clever '90s reference I make even though they're super outdated at this point?

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