Woman 'Denies' Tour de France Winner's Kiss, Gets Called A 'B*tch'

Women of the world, be advised: attending international sporting events may require the ability to swiftly dodge men's faces -- followed by a public scorning.

Italian cyclist Vincenzo Nibali won Stage Two of the Tour de France cycling tournament this past Sunday, July 6. However instead of celebrating his triumphant win, fans and media were more concerned with the podium woman who so rudely "denied" Nibali a victory kiss.

Shown in the clip above, the Italian cyclist leans over and kisses one of the women with a peck on each cheek. When Nibali goes to kiss the second woman, this happens:

Instead of shrugging it off as an awkward moment, some were upset that the model would reject and humiliate a man so publicly. Because, obviously, as the winner of the race, he's entitled to kiss her.

"Let’s not lose sight of what’s really important here: this woman is a jerk. Nibali wasn’t going in for some tongue-on-tongue action. He was going in for a European double cheek peck," BroBible writer Kyle Koster wrote. "Sure, Nibali probably smelled a little sour after the demanding ride, but that’s no reason to humiliate him." Evidently, the only thing that might excuse a woman from declining to kiss a man is if he is a little smelly.

Internet comments ranged from remarks like "She's not that pretty anyway," as seen on the DailyDot, to YouTuber users writing "What a bitch" and "F*ck that stuck up bitch." Other users tried to justify the "rejection," pointing out that she had to present the stuffed lion to Nibali at the same time she was supposed to kiss him. Maybe it was the lion -- or maybe she just didn't want to kiss him. Truly, we'll never know and it doesn't matter at all.

While the swing-and-a-miss kiss was without a doubt awkward, no person (of any gender) owes another person a kiss -- regardless of the situation. Whether Nibali won a Tour de France race or cured cancer, the women who surround him are entitled to brush off his advancing lips. Kisses are for those who want them.

[h/t DailyDot]



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