Baltimore Tourist Robbed, Beaten On St. Patrick's Day, As Attack Caught On Camera (VIDEO)

Video of a tourist being beaten, robbed and stripped naked in Baltimore has surfaced on the Web, and police are hoping to use the clip to make arrests in the case.

The incident occurred on St. Patrick's Day, after the reportedly disoriented victim was returning from a night of partying, CBS Baltimore reports. A bystander captured the attack on camera and later posted it online.

A group of people took the man's belongings, as onlookers laughed and pointed. It appears the man attempted to retrieve his items when he was punched and subsequently stripped naked while lying on the pavement.

The victim found his way back to his hotel room, where he awoke the following morning with bruises and cuts but with no recollection of the previous night's events, the Baltimore Sun reports. He reported an assault and robbery, but could not provide police with details of the events.

A family member later came across video of the attack online and told the victim, CBS Baltimore reports.

The clip was also posted on Twitter, where the male who punched the victim said it was self defense, according to the Baltimore Sun.

Authorities haven't made any arrests but have received tips about the identity of one of the attackers.

Earlier this year, seven Chicago teens were charged in connection with a vicious attack on a 17-year-old student behind an elementary school. The incident was captured on video and posted on YouTube. The clip helped police identify the alleged attackers.

For more on the story, watch the video by CBS Baltimore above or visit the Baltimore Sun.