10 Types Of Tourists You Should Never Be

10 Types Of Tourists You Should Never Be

If you live in a city or a popular tourist spot, you probably know that feeling of slightly irrational rage when a tourist does something silly or gets in your way.

Let's face it: Whining about tourists is a beloved urbanite pastime of the highest order.

Below, 10 types of tourists that will fuel a local's rage most.

Tourists Who Wear "I ♥ ____" Shirts

i heart new york shirt

Our city does not ♥ you.

Large Tour Groups And Their Umbrella-Wielding Guide

Is that umbrella really necessary?


american tourist

Across the globe, Americans get a lot of bad-mouthing. Sometimes, it's probably deserved.

Stop-And-Stare Tourists

standing in the street

Tourists who stop in the middle of the sidewalk and stare up at buildings. Tourists who stop in the middle of a cross-walk and stare at their maps. Tourists who stop and stare the top of an escalator, wreaking havoc on all those behind them. Dude, just walk.

Tourists Who Make This Sign Necessary

Chances of tourists ignoring sign and continuing beyond that point? Highly likely.

Drunk Tourists

drunk stumbling

Go home, you're drunk. Literally.

Tourists Who Think They're Clever

tourist standing

'Cause no one's ever taken that photo before.

Tourists Who Don't Understand How To Wait In Line


Here's how you wait in line: You stand behind the last person and you wait there. Got it? Pushing, shoving and walking to the front? Not a good idea.

Tourists Who Dress Like... Well... Tourists


Is that how you dress at home...?

Tablet-Loving Tourists

Since when are tablets and iPads the most convenient form of photography technology?

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