Town Happy When Medical Marijuana Facility Catches Fire


Town Happy When Medical Marijuana Facility Catches Fire

A Medical Marijuana hot house in California caught on fire sending clouds of THC-filled smoke into the air. At a press conference, a police spokesman told reporters, "I've never seen the town this happy before."

A local reporter asked: "What? People are happy to see a local business burn down?" "No," the spokesman said, "I've never seen them actually this happy. Apparently, inhaling the fumes had a positive effect on everyone." And, residents at a local senior facility reported they haven't felt this pain free in years.

Celebrities like Willie Nelson, Snoop Dogg, and Woody Harrelson have already arrived to do what they can. Snoop Dogg breathing in deeply said: "Now that's some good shit. Uh, I mean, what a shame..." Although, Willie Nelson did have to be reminded a few times as to why he was there. And, Woody Harrelson couldn't stop giggling and asking people to sing along to Bob Marley's "No Woman, No Cry."

The only down side to the Cannabis-filled smoke was an increase in appetite among some local pets who somehow got into a local supermarket and ate everything in the snack aisle.