Toxic Chemicals In Beauty and Household Products (PHOTOS)


Toxic chemicals have infiltrated most facets of our lives. They are in everything from our toothpaste and favorite soap to our national parks, which can have an impact on you and the planet. So with lead in our lipstick, mercury in our fish, and weed killer in our drinking water, we here at HuffPost Green decided to examine the most used and highly toxic chemicals and their environmental ramifications.

Check out our slideshow of the toxic chemicals in your beauty and household products. Become your own eco-advocate and reconsider the chemicals in your life. Also, check out Annie Leonard's latest video on the topic, The Story Of Cosmetics. Vote on the scariest toxic chemicals and, as always, share your opinions in the comments.

More: The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics is an excellent database of information about what's in our products, unsafe chemicals, and cosmetic laws. The Environmental Working Group's Skin Deep is a search engine that enables you to check what's in your beauty products.

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