7 Toxic Seafood Chemicals That You Don't Know About (PHOTOS)


Since the smell test doesn't really cut it, we decided to investigate the chemicals in seafood that you might not know about. We all know that mercury is often found in fish and are careful about our mercury consumption but did you know about the presence of pesticides, flame retardants or arsenic in the world's seafood?

2.6 billion people obtain 20 percent of their animal protein from eating seafood. Contaminants leak into the world's water supplies from industrial and municipal waste, storm water runoff and even agricultural practices causing serious environmental, animal and human health issues. Check out our slideshow of seven toxic chemicals in fish that you don't know about. As always, we want to hear from you in the comments.

The EDF and the Monterey Bay Aquarium even boasts sustainable seafood recipes from famous chefs.

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