That Red And Yellow Toy Car You Loved Now Fits Adults And Goes 70 MPH

You don't have to stay on the sidewallks.

Whether or not you actually rode around your neighborhood sidewalks in a Little Tikes Cozy Coupe as a kid, you probably begged your parents for one.

Thanks to Attitude Autos, there's now a real adult-size "Crazy Coupe" on sale on eBay, that's closely modeled after the original classic yellow and red Flintstone-style toy car.

John Bitmead, a mechanic in Oxfordshire, England, together with his brother Geof and friend Nigel Douglas, built a road-ready adult-version of the car -- that reaches speeds of 70 mph -- in November 2013.

On the Crazy Coupe eBay page, the attention-drawing car, adapted from a Daewoo Matiz, is listed as having covered more than 5,000 miles. The owners have taken their ride through various shows and charity events in the U.K.

Priced at around $33,200, the eBay page reads that the vehicle was "professionally valued at $46,000 when built," and promises "to create smiles wherever it goes!"

Who needs windows when you can relive your childhood.