'Toy Story 4' Easter Egg Video Confirms Disney Villain's Death

There's something fishy happening in the background of the Pixar movie.

Some viewers may have watched “Toy Story 4” and just seen a heartwarming tale about Woody, Buzz and a spork voiced by Tony Hale. But as it turns out, those people are wrong ... dead wrong.

“Toy Story 4” hides a darker story, lurking just below the surface. 

Dun, dun, dun ....

A new video from Disney and Pixar reveals different Easter eggs hidden in the Second Chance Antiques store from “Toy Story 4,” and most are cute, blink-and-you-miss-it additions. There are cooking pans from “Ratatouille” and sewing machines from “Coco,” but there’s one that’s a bit fishy ...

The barracuda from “Finding Nemo.” 

Mounted on the wall of the antique store is the barracuda from “Finding Nemo,” the Easter egg video confirms.

For those that don’t remember the 2003 Disney movie, the barracuda appears at the beginning of the film, and though it doesn’t get a lot of screen time, it sets the whole story in motion ... by eating Nemo’s entire fishin’ family.

The antagonist clearly didn’t hear the sharks’ mantra that fish are “friends, not food.”

After Nemo’s mom, Coral, and his future siblings are consumed, all that’s left is the titular Nemo and his overprotective dad, Marlin. It’s a recipe for disaster (or for a hit movie and a 2016 spinoff starring Ellen DeGeneres).

Now, some 17 years later, Nemo has finally been given justice. Will vengeance bring the catharsis Nemo hopes for? Doubtful. But it’s still pretty Easter eggcellent.

You can see the other hidden Easter eggs in the video above.