Whoa, The 'Toy Story' 'Honest Trailer' Will Completely Disrupt Your Childhood

Everyone's favorite Pixar classic is just a fun, loving movie about friendship, right? Wrong.

Brace yourself: Screen Junkies' "Honest Trailer" for "Toy Story" is about to put a lot of your childhood naiveté into perspective. What the Pixar movie is really about is "jealousy, broken dreams and the existential dread that you will one day outlive your purpose and be replaced by someone newer and better." Whoa, is your childhood shattered yet?

While you may have fond memories of watching "Toy Story," you still can't deny the fact that it ignites some of the heaviest questions a kid could be faced with. Are toys born -- and, along those lines, can they die? Where's Andy's dad? Does Andy have an attachment to Woody because it's the last toy he gave Andy before he walked out on the family? Get ready for an existential crisis.

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