Toyota Doesn't Want You To Plug In Its Electric Cars

Interested in an electric or plug-in hybrid car but not so keen on having to make the schlep to actually plug in the car every time it needs a charge?

Then Toyota’s wireless charging system will probably interest you.

So how does it work? Basically, the system transmits electricity between a coil on the ground and a coil in the car, the automaker explained in a press release. This allows the vehicle to charge without the need for a cord. Since vehicle position relative to the coil on the ground is important, the system enables a car to automatically park itself so that it can get the best charge.

Toyota is testing the technology on its Prius Plug-In hybrid-electric vehicle. Three lucky homeowners will get to test the technology for a year so that the company can gather information to better future wireless charging applications, the company said.

As Automobile Magazine notes, this isn’t the first time the industry is seeing wireless charging technology for electric vehicles. The publication points out “Volvo, Nissan and automotive supplier Delphi are also testing similar systems for electric vehicles.”

Regardless of which manufacturer comes out with the technology first, it seems that we, the lazy consumers, come out the big winners.

Check out Toyota’s video (above) to see how the wireless technology works.



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