Toyota Yaris Ad Pulled After Sexism Complaints (VIDEO)

Toyota has been forced to pull a new advertisement in Australia following numerous accusations that the video was not only sexist but also making light of incest.

The online ad, entitled "Clean Getaways," is for the Toyota Yaris, a small car mainly sold to young women, according to the The video, which is full of sexual innuendos and suggestive double entendres, begins with a young man arriving to pick up his date and telling the girl's father at the door, "I'm here to take Jennifer's virginity out tonight." From there the young man reels off such lines as "I hope I haven't come too prematurely," "it has traction control for when it gets a bit slippery and wet," and "I'll have her on her back by 11, I promise."

The ad was created as part of the "Clever Film Comp," a short-film competition organized in part by Toyota. Not long after the ad became the winner of the online contest, the competition's Facebook page was flooded with outraged comments from users, the London Times reports.

One entry on the competition's Facebook page said, according to the Telegraph:

"I have written and lodged a formal complaint with Toyota's Australian head office regarding this specific competition entry/winner. I would encourage those who feel the same to also write formal complaints to Toyota. This is 2009! Women should not have to be dealing with this vulgar objectification."

The charge that the ad made light of incest seems to stem from a line in which the father tells the young man, in reference to his daughter, "She can take a good pounding in any direction."

As one user wrote about this particular part of the ad: "The ad features a father and his daughter's boyfriend agreeing together, in a matey way, that the daughter is going to get a 'good pounding'. It has incestuous overtones."

The ad has been pulled from the "Clever Film Comp" website, and a spokesman for Toyota has apologized for any offense caused.

WATCH the ad:

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