Toyota's Betrayal: Oh, What a (Crummy) Feeling!

Okay, I can't shake this. I'm taking it very personally. I'm bummed. I've been

a Prius owner since 2000. I've promoted the hybrid in countless interviews. I

badgered all my family and friends to buy them. The car was -- is -- brilliant,

showcasing good design and efficiency, and moving us a step towards a more

sensible automotive future.

Over the years I watched the Prius go from a weird nerdy car everyone thought

you had to plug in to THE car to drive. Friends traded in their SUVs and

Jaguars and soon the Prius was everywhere. We all reaped the benefits --

customers enjoyed the gas savings, the earth enjoyed the lower carbon emissions,

and Toyota enjoyed the limelight. The company deserved all the rewards it

garnered for its vision and leadership.

Yet now here comes Toyota, fighting to derail a sorely needed increase in fuel

economy standards. Toyota's current actions are unacceptable, depressing, and just plain morally wrong.

You can't have it both ways and expect your customers not to feel betrayed. You

can't expect us to take you seriously anymore when you talk about leadership and

progress while you're actively working to stop progress.

Wake up Toyota and make all of us Prius, Highlander and Camry hybrid owners

proud to be part of the family, instead of embarrassed by your actions.

Make sure Toyota hears from you: