21 Toys For Adults In The 1 Percent (PHOTOS)

What do an $8,000 water slide, $700 roller skates and a $100,000 "Free Willy" submarine have in common? Aside from being items that'll probably show up on Rich Kids Of Instagram, they're perfect toys for adults in the coveted "one percent."

Ranging from the outrageously priced to the ridiculously extravagant, these totally unnecessary leisure products are way out of most working peoples' price ranges. Sure, we may never be able to afford half of the "luxury" items in Hammacher Schlemmer or The Sharper Image (didn't they go out of business, anyway?) but that doesn't mean we can't make fun of them.

Below, check out the 21 most ridiculous toys for adults in the one percent and vote for the funniest ones. Who knows? One day you might be the one driving a $13,000 motorized monocycle down the street (but be careful -- there's no way that thing's street legal).

Toys For Rich People