Tracee Ellis Ross: 'Let's Make History' And Elect Hillary Clinton

The actress explains why she's voting for HRC in a powerful essay.

Tracee Ellis Ross is “with her.” The Emmy-nominated star of ABC’s hit show “Black-ish” has written about politics, the importance of voting, and why she supports Hillary Clinton for president in a new essay published by Cosmopolitan on Wednesday. 

In the essay, Ross admits that politics have been “tricky” for her in the past, because she used to believe it did not affect her, but that with so much at stake in this election, she now understands that politics are “inextricably linked to [her] rights as a human being.” 

The actress then explained why she thinks Hillary Clinton is the best person for the presidency:

“She has faced adversity, lost with dignity, and remains tireless in her quest to help others. She fumbles and gets back up stronger,” Ross wrote. 

“Her platform is evidence of the evolutionary road of policy. It incorporates a need for refinement and necessitates compromise, but, at its heart, it shows that Secretary Clinton has a steadfast dedication to the core values of equality and a belief in the goodness of our nation,” she added.

“Let us harness the joy and excitement that we are all feeling and elect the first woman president of the United States of America! On Nov. 8, let’s make history.”

Ross is one of several black celebrities, including Lee Daniels and the cast of “Empire,” Kerry Washington, Ja Rule and Beyonce, who have used their platform and popularity to endorse Clinton. 



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