Tracey Ullman Talks Arianna Impression On 'Joy Behar' (VIDEO)

Tracey Ullman brought her impression of Arianna to HLN's "Joy Behar Show" Tuesday night.

Behar described Arianna's Greek accent as "a little Zsa Zsa, a little Ivana" and complimented Ullman on her version of it.

"I saw her on your show last week talking about the Sleep Challenge," Ullman said. "Don't take your computer to bed...don't tweet in bed!"

Ullman said she enjoys impersonating Arianna.

"It's so tempting to impersonate her, and she really has been very kind to me," she said. "She says, 'People like you being me more than they like me being me.' She's very generous, I like her a lot. Enthusiastic, good gal."