Track Your Time

This week, I invite you to consider an exercise that will really help you get to the bottom of how much time you truly have or do not have to give to yourself, your nourishment, your self-care. In other words, what I call your you-time. The exercise? Track your time. That’s it. Take one day, and track your time – down to the minute.

When you track your time, you will be able to see clearly how much time you are giving yourself. When you can see how much time you give yourself, then you will be able to give yourself more time. That’s why you started this business, right? I’m pretty sure you didn’t start your business by saying, “I don’t think I’m working hard enough in my job so I think I’ll start a business so I can work harder and around the clock!” No, of course you didn’t! You had a vision, a dream for your business. As entrepreneurs, we want to live the dream and have the joy that comes from offering our service.

You are a creator

You have launched a business that is unique to yourself and your gifts, and it’s time to own that. Make sure you are staying aligned with your vision and values by using your time in the best way possible each day. That means viewing your you-time as a priority, not an afterthought.

Once you have tracked the way you spend an entire day, reflect on what you see written before you. How much you-time did you really give yourself that day? What is you-time for you, anyway? For me, I don’t include my workouts at the gym because, while they are important for self-care and essential for my energy and vitality, they don’t feed my soul. So for me, you-time includes those activities that bring me deep pleasure. And for me, it’s the little things. Fifteen minutes spent working on a quilt brings me great joy and peace. What is something that you like to do that really fills you up?

It doesn’t matter what the activity is that you do in your you-time. What matters is that it’s yours. It is not time spent in service of anyone else – family included. It is time spent in service to you. So many of us entrepreneurs love to give and it is in our nature to give and give and give, and making it even more essential that we give to ourselves.

I have a peer, a fellow entrepreneur, who was so consumed with her work that it began to take a toll on her mental health. By the time she reached out to me about it, she was completely frazzled and didn’t know what to do. I encouraged her to slow it all down, and to put herself first. And the first thing to do when we prioritize ourselves and our own wellbeing is to ensure that adequate time for ourselves is on the calendar.

Our bodies and minds are designed to need rest periods

It is a necessity, not a luxury. Sure, we can push beyond our limits, but we must keep the well full – overflowing if we can. Let’s take exquisite care of ourselves.

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