Tracy Anderson Reminds Us We Need Very Little To Get Fit

Get in shape with the celebrity trainer without all the bells and whistles.

Sometimes, less is more.

But fitness instructor and celebrity favorite Tracy Anderson is here to remind us that we really don’t need much more than a pair of sneakers and enough floor space to swing our legs to get in shape.

In the video above, Anderson shares a series of eight movements for head-to-toe strengthening. Working with your own body weight will do the trick –- there’s nary a dumbbell, weight, Bosu ball or trampoline is in sight.

“I hope that you do these movements consistently,” Anderson says, “because then you will see amazing results.” She suggests completing the series of eight on the right side of the body, then repeating the sequence on the left for the best effect. The movements include planks, leg kicks, plies and a version of an army crawl.

If all you can eek out in the beginning is five or ten repetitions of each, that’s OK, too. “Feel free to do this workout every day and work yourself up to 30 repetitions,” Anderson says.

It’s just good, old fitness – without all the bells and whistles.

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