Tracy Granger Claims She Used Telepathy To Save Herself When Trapped On Mountainside (VIDEO)

A woman who became trapped after driving off the side of a mountain claims she used telepathy to communicate her plight to her husband.

In an interview with KTLA that aired Sunday, Tracy Granger, a 56-year-old woman from Juniper Hills, Calif., recalled that snowy, rainy night on Mar. 25 when she was driving home from Pasadena on the Angeles Forest Highway.

"I saw that bump coming up and I knew exactly where I was going to go," Granger recalled. Minutes later, her car plunged some 350 feet off the highway and landed, right-side-up, on the side of the mountain.

Granger was able to crawl out of the car and assess her situation, but deemed the climb back up too steep for her to attempt.

Luckily, she had called her husband earlier in the day to let him know she'd be home soon. But Granger decided to try one more thing to reach him: telepathy.

"I sat down and I said out loud, 'Lee, I'm overdue. Something has happened, figure it out,'" explained Granger. Soon afterward, she succumbed to hypothermia and fell asleep.

A few hours later, her husband reported Granger missing. She spent one freezing night on the mountainside, wearing only a sweatshirt and some thin mittens over her clothes while temperatures dropped to 34 degrees, reports ABC Los Angeles.

Twelve hours after her car flew off the highway, a coalition of rescuers from the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, Air-5 Rescue Helicopter Crew and the Montrose Search & Rescue team found her unconscious, having sustained injuries like neck and pelvis fractures, broken ribs and severe head trauma. Rescuers revived Granger and then airlifted her to the nearest hospital.

She was able to meet her rescuers Wednesday while recovering at the Huntington Memorial Hospital, reports the Pasadena Sun. She reportedly became emotional and told her guests, "If they would not have found me, I would not have survived."