This Is The Most Legit ‘Find The Panda’ Photo Yet

And thus, the Internet is still losing its sh*t

Call it panda-monium.

On Dec. 16, Hungarian artist Gergely Dudás (also known as Dudolf) posted an illustrated puzzle to his Facebook page asking his followers to “find the panda” amongst a flurry of snowmen. That post went viral.

Some people found the puzzle easy, others found it difficult, but Tracy Lynn Heightchew of Louisville, Kentucky, found it familiar. In fact, it reminded her of a picture that hangs over her kitchen sink.

She decided to post her real life version of “find the panda” on Facebook.

“I knew that everyone would enjoy this too.”

So, can you find the panda in the picture above? Don’t worry, the panda is there, we’re not trying to bamboo-zle you.

Tracy Lynn Heightchew

“It's a photo I bought at a thrift store,” Heightchew told The Huffington Post of the August 1978 picture that was originally snapped at a Junior Achievers National Conference in in Bloomington, Indiana. It includes a bunch of kids wearing silly glasses and clothes. Many of whom are holding different stuffed animals.

Heightchew stared at the photo for years until one of those stuffed animals finally popped out at her -- a panda.

“I love pandas, so the day that the panda jumped out at me, years after I bought the pic was a sweet day for me,” she said.

[SPOILER note: Still can’t find the panda? Here is the answer]

Tracy Lynn Heightchew

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