Tracy McMillan, ‘Why You're Not Married...Yet' Author, Answers Your Questions (VIDEO)

"Why You're Not Married," Tracy McMillan's deliciously straight-talking Huffington Post blog about all the things women are doing wrong when it comes to relationships, sparked scorn and praise from all corners, thousands of comments, 24/7 media attention, and a pilot for ABC after it went viral last year. So it was only a matter of time before McMillan, a veteran TV writer ("Mad Men," "United States of Tara") brought her hilariously harsh advice for unmarried women (sample: "You're a Bitch," "You're a Slut," "You're Shallow") to the self-help aisle of the local bookstore.

McMillan's new book, "Why You're Not Married...Yet" (Ballantine Books), which hit shelves this week, picks up where the blog left off, delving more deeply into the acts of self-sabotage (purposeful or not) that McMillan thinks keep women from finding The One ("It's effectively a no-BS therapy session with your BFF," McMillan told me). She should know: As a three-time divorcee, McMilan is the first to admit she's pretty familiar with the Big Mistakes Women Make -- because she's made them over and over again.

The response to the blog (and the follow-up) was polarizing -- some loved it, some hated it -- and I'm guessing the response to the book will be equally so, which is why I thought McMillan would make the perfect guest for our first-ever HuffPost Weddings Live Chat.

Below, watch me chat with the "Why You're Not Married... Yet" author about love, sex, dating, and (of course) marriage in the modern age.