Tracy McMillan, Relationship Expert, On The Key To Finding Your Spiritual Partnership (VIDEO)

Relationship expert Tracy McMillan, author of the blog "Why You're Not Married," uses a simple two-word prayer to help her make decisions in life. In the above clip from her appearance on "Super Soul Sunday," she shares how it also helps her to let go of the people who aren't meant to be in her life.

"Prayer is a big part of my spiritual practice and my prayers are very simple," McMillan says. "It will be a prayer like this: Show me. Show me what you want me to do. Use me.

"Whenever I'm at a decision point in my life, it'll be like I'm just going to open my hand and if it's supposed to go away or if the wind is supposed to come along and blow whatever it is off my hand, let it go."

McMillan takes the same approach to her relationships. She says that if you're truthful with a partner about what you want and that causes them to leave, let them go. "It's because they're not for you," she says. "You want them to go away sooner rather than later."

"Absolutely," Oprah agrees. "So many people are afraid that if I actually just tell the truth, then I'll be alone and I won't find anybody else. And this was my one chance."

Tracy says the opposite will happen. "In fact, unless you tell the truth, you won't find that spiritual partnership. Because the spiritual partnership is based on the truth."

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