Tracy Morgan Brings Brian Fellow Back For Hilarious 'SNL' Sketch

That's CRAZY!

Not only did Tracy Morgan give us a "30 Rock" reunion on "Saturday Night Live" this weekend, he also brought back one of his most beloved characters: Brian Fellow

For the sketch, Fellow, "an enthusiastic young man with a sixth-grade education and an abiding love for all God’s creatures," spoke to both a live beaver and a live camel.

As per usual, Fellow showed little interest in the actual animals on his "Safari Planet" show and tried to keep the attention on himself by repeating his signature line, "I'm Brian Fellow!" The camel did try to steal the spotlight, but Fellow wasn't having it. 

"I can't see, camel!" he said as he led the desert animal out of the frame. 

Brian Fellow was first introduced to the "SNL" audience back in 1999, and through the years, the sketch has included appearances by celebrities like Jason Sudeikis, Matt Damon and Sarah Michelle Gellar. 

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