Tracy Morgan Loses It In Bugatti Crash: ‘Bitch, Get Out Of The Car!'

The comedian went ballistic at a driver involved in a fender-bender with his fresh-off-the-lot luxury ride.

Tracy Morgan pounded the window and screamed at the driver of an SUV that hit his fresh-off-the-lot $2 million Bugatti Veyron supercar on Tuesday in Manhattan.

“Bitch get out of the car!” Morgan can be heard saying in video obtained by the New York Post as he punched the window. (See the clip below.)

“The Last O.G.” star then explained to observers that he just bought his exotic car.

No one was hurt, the New York City police department told HuffPost in a statement. The former “Saturday Night Live” trouper later tweeted that he was “totally fine” but wasn’t sure about his new car.

The other driver, Jocelyn Madulid, 61, told the Post that Morgan’s reaction frightened her.

He was yelling at me, I got scared,” she said. “I didn’t yell anything back. I just stayed in my car.”

Madulid told the tabloid that she didn’t know who Morgan was until an officer informed her.


TMZ reported that Madulid’s Honda SUV was making a right turn and sideswiped Morgan’s car. She said it was Morgan’s fault.

Police said the Honda was westbound on 42nd Street near 10th Avenue at 1:20 p.m. “when it collided with” the Bugatti. “There were no reported injuries at the time of the accident and no arrests,” the police statement added.

HuffPost did not immediately hear back from Morgan’s rep.

Morgan was seriously hurt in a fatal crash almost five years to the day in 2014, USA Today noted. A Walmart truck slammed into Morgan’s limo-bus, killing his friend, James McNair, and traumatically injuring Morgan.

Here’s video of Morgan’s confrontation with the other driver after Tuesday’s wreck:

This article has been updated to include a police statement.

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