Tracy Morgan On The 'Daily Show': Comedian Talks Donald Trump, J. Crew & 'Super Sperm' (VIDEO)

Tracy Morgan's interview style is pretty much a stream-of-conscious rant, and we're totally OK with that. On Wednesday night's "Daily Show" Morgan gave one of his infamously ridiculous interviews to Jon Stewart, covering every topic from Donald Trump to male ejaculate.

Morgan begins by giving his two cents on Stewart's top stories of the night, the J. Crew pink nail polish "toemageddon" and Trump going after Obama's birth certificate.

The rest of the interview is mostly spent talking about Morgan's "super sperm." What makes it so super? Well, the fact that it "jumps in a phone booth and takes glasses off and stuff," as Morgan puts it. It also apparently plays Atari and ColecoVision (because it's stuck in the 80s).

Watch the full interview below and hear Tracy Morgan explain how he could have been President of the United States if it weren't for all his parking tickets.