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Tracy Morgan's New Jersey Home Is Something Tracy Jordan Would Have

Among other strange roommates.
01/17/2013 05:38pm ET | Updated January 18, 2013
Tracy Morgan at Spike TV's "Guy Choice" Awards. Radford Studios, Studio City, CA. 06-09-07

It seems like Tracy Morgan is more like his "Saturday Night Live" character Brian Fellow (or maybe his "30 Rock" character, Tracy Jordan) than we ever knew.

According to the New York Post, Morgan invited Rolling Stone magazine into his New Jersey home to discuss the series finale of “30 Rock” and apparently, show-off some unusual roommates.

The newspaper wrote that Morgan’s home is filled with exotic animals including snakes and sharks. (We weren't surprised by the latter, since we saw the shark tank installed on Animal Planet's "Tanked.") The Post also noted that Morgan has a last-supper mural on one of his walls featuring Lucille Ball, George Carlin, Bernie Mac, Richard Pryor and Charlie Chaplin, amongst other comic geniuses as apostles.

Yeah, maybe he does have more in common with Tracy Jordan than we thought.

Watch the video below to see Morgan play animal-loving Fellow and head over to the New York Post for the full story.

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