Tracy Morgan On The Real Reason Why He Survived His 2014 Car Accident

The comedian shared his traumatic experience during a candid interview with Barbara Walters.

Tracy Morgan’s road to recovery from his June 2014 car crash -- which killed his close friend and comedy writer James McNair and injured four other passengers -- is a shining example of healing power through faith.

As part of the Barbara Walters special “The 10 Most Fascinating People of 2015,” Morgan recalled his traumatic experience that left him in a coma for eight days.

“The first night that it happened, my wife got to the hospital and the doctors told her, ‘we don’t know if he’s coming out of this coma,’” the “30 Rock” star told Walters during the interview. “But when I first came out of the coma I was blind for a week.”

The 47-year-old comedian said that the lowest point of his recovery was not being able to attend the 40 anniversary of “Saturday Night Live.” After months of rehabilitation, Morgan made his triumphant return to the national stage in September when he presented during the 2015 Emmy Awards.

"Last year, Jimmy Kimmel said on stage 'I'll see you next year,'" he said on stage while presenting the award for Best Drama Series. "Thanks to my doctors and my beautiful wife, I'm here standing on my own two feet."

Morgan also attributed his survival from the six-vehicle accident to God keeping him here to raise his family. "I survived that crash for a reason,” he said to Walters before adding. “Who knows. Maybe he kept me here to raise my daughter and raise my family.”

Morgan’s interview follows reports that the Wal-Mart truck driver, Kevin Roper -- who was involved in the accident -- plans to ask a New Jersey judge this week to dismiss the criminal charges against him because he can’t get a fair trial.

Check out more of Tracy Morgan’s interview with Barbara Walters in the clip above.

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