Tracy Morgan Pokes Fun At Brain Damage In 'SNL' Promo

Tracy Morgan is back and funnier than ever.

If there's anyone who can make fun of himself, it's Tracy Morgan.

After being involved in a six-vehicle crash that took the life of friend and fellow comedian James McNair last June, many worried that Morgan would never recover from a traumatic brain injury. His recent return to the red carpet at the Emmys and upcoming guest spot on "Saturday Night Live" have quieted those fears. Morgan pulled no punches when it came to joking about his brain damage in the promo for his Oct. 17 hosting gig.

In the promo, cast member Bobby Moynihan congratulates Morgan on his return to "SNL." "Did I used to work here?" Morgan asks, looking confused.  "Yeah Tracy, you worked here for like seven years." Morgan ends the promo with his signature laugh and says, "I'm messing with you, Bobby."

In another take, Morgan, smiling through a big grin, remarks, “I’m going to get everyone in this building pregnant!” 

Yes, all is back to normal on the Tracy Morgan front. 

Watch Tracy Morgan host "SNL" with musical guest Demi Lovato on Saturday at 11:30 p.m. EST on NBC. 

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