Tracy Morgan Lets His Walmart Settlement Speak For Itself On His Tinder Profile

The "30 Rock" star referenced his 2014 crash involving a Walmart tractor-trailer to joke about his online dating profile.

Comedian Tracy Morgan isn’t going to ignore his multimillion-dollar settlement with Walmart on his Tinder profile.

Morgan told late night host Jimmy Kimmel that he’s actively dating and using the swipe app known for hookups.

The former “Saturday Night Live” cast member, who suffered a traumatic brain injury in a crash involving a Walmart tractor-trailer that killed his friend in 2014, didn’t miss a beat with a reference to his lawsuit against the retail giant.

“My Tinder profile is a Walmart truck dropping off a bag of money on my...” Morgan said as Kimmel — along with his audience — interrupted him with applause and laughter.

Kimmel later asked Morgan what he’s looking for in a woman and got a revealing answer from the “30 Rock” star.

“I’m an older man now, so no self-esteem, low integrity, serious daddy issues, that’s what works for me, that’s what works for me,” Morgan quipped.

You can watch more of Morgan’s appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” below.

Morgan has joked about his crash with late night hosts in the past.

Morgan discussed inflation with Seth Meyers last year and joked that he recently received “sound good advice” from his financial adviser.

“He said you should wait at least a year before you get hit by another Walmart truck, at least one year,” Morgan said.

“I listened to him, I’m going for Amazon now, I’m going big now.”

You can watch his interview with Meyers below.

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