Tracy Reese Launches Capsule Collection With Anthropologie (PHOTOS)

Two of our favorite brands are teaming up! Fashion designer Tracy Reese has launched a capsule collection with Anthropologie.

The collaboration is part of Anthropologie's �Made In Kind� project, which has tapped a list of talented designers to create exclusive collections for the retail store.

Reese has designed a gorgeous collection inspired by the gardens of the Frida Kahlo museum that is perfectly in step with her ultra feminine aesthetic and goal of dressing women of all shapes and sizes.

"In every collection, I try to create dresses that suit different personalities and body types so that women everywhere can find something that suits them--and this collection is no different," Reese explains on

And our favorite part of the collaboration? The designs retail between $248 and $348--which means you can own a slice of Tracy Reese heaven without paying her more expensive signature collection prices. Gotta love that!

Check out Tracy Reese's entire "Made In Kind" capsule collection in the slideshow below.

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